8 August 2014 - We have three yrs of callouts to input on this page so pls bear with us...

    In the first week of August 2014 we had 12 members each day for five days staffing two rescue boats on the River Clyde in the heart of Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games - one rescue of a canoeist whose craft sank.

    Sadly, in November 2013 our USAR dogs responded to a call by the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service to assist them at the Clutha in Glasgow

    2011 INCIDENTS


    At 10.20hrs a First Responder crew were dispatched by Ambulance control to a female with chest pains in Falkirk. They attended, assessed the patient and delivered the appropriate care until the arrival of an emergency ambulance.
    10.50hrs a First Responder crew using a team 4x4 during heavy snow were dispatched by the Scottish Ambulance Service to attend to an unconscious casualty in the Tillicoultry area. The crew was stood down en route.


    At 21.30hrs a First Responder crew using a team 4x4 was dispatched by the Scottish Ambulance Service to assist an ambulance crew stuck in snow at Kinlochard. Team members who reside in Kinlochard attended using their own 4x4 and transported the patient and crew to Thornhill where they were collected by other team members using the team 4x4 and taken to Stirling Royal Infirmary. Members thereafter assisted with moving the ambulance and conveying the crew back to their base.





    At 2140hrs a First Responder crew using a team 4x4 was dispatched by the Scottish Ambulance Service to assist access to a patient in Alloa. They were stood down en route as a member of the public had assisted the emergency crew.

    2010 INCIDENTS


    At 21.10hrs a First Responder crew using team 4x4 were dispatched by the Scottish Ambulance Service to an unconscious casualty in Falkirk. Stood down en route as emergency Ambulance crew were in attendance.


    At 04.30hrs the team responded to a request from Strathclyde Police to attend near to Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow due to reports of a person falling in the river Kelvin. 3 Search Dogs & 5 Team members attended until 13.00 hrs when we were stood down.


    (10am - 1pm) two team members using 4x4 delivered the meals on wheels service in Dunblane on behalf of Stirling Council


    From Thurs 9 December the team will be providing 4x4 transport and driver to assist with the delivery of Meals on Wheels around Dunblane (requested by Stirling Council) and the team will be providing 4x4 transport and driver if necessary to support NHS Forth Valley to assist NHS Rehab Carers from Callander Medical Practice to reach patients in outlying areas around Callander & Trossachs (request by NHS Forth Valley).


    First responder crew attended elderly man with spinal injury in Dennyloanhead - Ambulance couldn't reach his home because of snow. Accessed by team 4x4 and patient taken in team 4x4 to main road where transferred to Ambulance.
    Dispatched from Paisley to Penilee, Glasgow to transfer elderly male to Southern General, stood down at scene as a vehicle with trolley bed was required as patient had to travel lying down.
    Dispatched to 76 yr old male with serious head injury, urgent response requested he was taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.
    Asked to attend 22 yr old male (as a matter of urgency) in Dumbarton with severe groin pains, very difficult access to the scene, the male was transported to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. 
    Again asked to attend as an urgent case, 40 yr old female in Barrhead suffering severe abdominal pains, Ambulance unable to get to the address due to 18 inches of snow. Picked up and transported to Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.


    The team have been supporting the emergency services for ten days now on a 24hr basis.
    This past week has seen team members working since Saturday in support of the public and emergency services.
    So far we have:

    Provided 4x4 mobile First Responder cover from Falkirk, Stirling, Dunblane and Glasgow areas. Emergency calls have also been attended in Auchterarder and Dunfermline at the request of Ambulance Control Centres in Edinburgh and Glasgow or the Performance Managers for Forth Valley and Fife.

    Assisted many motorists stuck around Callander, on the A9 around Dunblane and in Falkirk. Worked alongside the Police to dig vehicles out, including HGVs on the A9.
    Dug out, towed and pushed countless vehicles in the Tesco car park Dunblane.

    Provided for the daily delivery of prescription medicines from the chemists in Callander to the elderly, infirm and remote patients using a 4x4.

    Assisted the Royal mail with deliveries in outlying areas around Callander using a 4x4.

    Dug out, towed and pushed countless Ambulances across the Forth Valley.
    Collected several people from their homes in snowbound areas and conveyed them to patient transport service vehicles or direct to hospital for dialysis or cancer treatments, as well as returning them home in the evening to Reddingmuirhead, Hallglen, Alloa, Stirling, Aberfoyle and Callander areas.
    Towed an Ambulance 2miles with a quad bike so it could get to a main road (seriously ill patient on board).

    Been dispatched by the Police to collect a surgeon in Dunblane to take him to Stirling Royal Infirmary.

    Collected Paramedics from their homes in snowbound areas to take them to and from Ambulance depots.

    Collected ICU nurse from remote house and taken to Stirling Royal Infirmary for nightshift.

    Attended two overnight callouts –
    1)     Westquarter in Falkirk - stroke patient - towed ambulance out of road so we could get access to street and take paramedics to house, return and take second crew to house, return and collect stretcher, more O2 etc, assist carry patient downstairs and evacuate to 4x4, place in 4x4 and transport to main road for Ambulance.

    2)     Responded to Bonnybridge to attend an elderly person with chest pain at a nursing home, Ambulance stuck in snow. Male carried out with assistance of Ambulance, First Responders and Police.
    Attended 68yr old male with chest pain in Falkirk (Ambulance stuck in snow).

    Attended 76yr old male with chest pain in Slamannan (Ambulance unable to get to Slamannan in snow). Paramedic conveyed to incident in 4x4. Patient transported to Stirling Royal Infirmary - 3hour journey under emergency conditions.
    Attended woman with suspect lower limb fracture in Auchterarder and treated patient prior to attendance of Ambulance. 

    Attended suspected stroke victim Bainsford, Falkirk.
    Attended three vehicle Road Traffic Collision,  Plean - first vehicle on scene - two casualties - treated by team until arrival of Ambulance service.
    Standby all week to assist Doctor's practice in Callander to reach patients.

    Provided 4 Urban Search And Rescue dogs and personnel to support Central Scotland Fire & Rescue Service due to a major gas leak in Stirling town centre - personnel on site at Stirling for around 5 hrs.

    Today Tuesday 7th Dec we currently have a number of crews deployed.
    Two members - both Intermediate First Responders with a 4x4 working in the Glasgow area are taking vital emergency services staff into work with the Scottish Ambulance Service  and operating as First Responders answering Grade 1 emergency calls.

    Two first responders with a 4x4 vehicle are delivering prescription medicines in Callander and the Trossachs on behalf of local chemists and also providing first responder cover for the Scottish Ambulance Service in that area.

    One First Responder with a 4x4 vehicle is assisting the Scottish Ambulance Service in the Falkirk and Alloa areas taking renal patients to hospital and performing first responder duties. 

    About 13.00hrs today 07/12/10 one team 4x4 was tasked to attend an incident in the Denny area where an elderly man had sustained a back injury and the Ambulance was unable to reach his location. The team 4x4 was used to reach the location and the casualty was loaded onto a stretcher and then into the vehicle. He was driven to a main road where he was transferred to an Ambulance vehicle.

    One of our crews working in the Glasow area dealt with the following during the day and evening of 07/12/10.

    Traveled to Bishopton then onto Johnston to deliver Paramedic to Paisley ambulance station.
    Paisley to Lochwinnoch to assist Ambulance crew.
    Lochwinnoch to Johnston to pick up PTS driver deliver to paisley.
    Paisley to Glasgow to transfer frail elderly woman to Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
    Glasgow to Belshill to attend to woman with breathing problems and transfer to Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
    Glasgow Royal Infirmary to Bridgeton to attend to elderly female patient for transfer to Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
    G R I  to Bishopbriggs to attend elderly male with breathing problems, however on arrival at house patient had been taken to Stobhill hospital by a friend.
    999 call to attend 18 yr boy in respiratory distress due to allergic reaction, attended until Ambulance arrival patient given oxygen and verbal support.
    Total distance covered 128 miles.


    9 January 2010 - Port of Menteith - Three Incidents


    (1) Team assisted the Scottish Ambulance Service deal with a male who had sustained injuries when he fell
     on ice at the Lake of Menteith. We prepared a helicopter landing site and assisted with carrying the casualty
    by stretcher to the helicopter.


    (2) Team assisted the Scottish Ambulance Service deal with another man who had sustained injuries
     when he fell on ice at the Lake of Menteith. After treatment he was able to rejoin his family.


    (3) Team assisted the Scottish Ambulance Service deal with a girl who had sustained injuries
    when she fell on ice at the Lake of Menteith. After initial treatment she was conveyed to hospital by ambulance.


    22 May 2010

    About 3.30pm, First Responders were dispatched by the Scottish Ambulance Service to an unconscious casualty within a shop in the town of Aberfoyle. The duty crew found two of their off duty colleagues already treating the casualty.


    The duty crew took over and treated the casualty until the arrival of the Scottish Ambulance Service Paramedics.

    27 June 2010

    About 10.0am, the duty First Responder crew responded to a medical incident in Main Street, Aberfoyle. They treated the casualty until the arrival of ambulance paramedics. The casualty was then conveyed by ambulance to hospital for treatment.

    11 July 2010

    About 11.10am, while attending a skills refresher session at Aberfoyle Fire Station, two TSART First Responder Units and a Scottish Ambulance Service Paramedic assisting in the training were dispatched by ambulance control to a serious medical incident within the village. Further details cannot be released.

    17 July 2010

    About 1.20pm, the duty First Responder crew were alerted by Ambulance control to an injured casualty at Ben Venue, Kinlochard. An additional First Responder living nearby was alerted by the team call-out organiser.  Air ambulance helicopter attended and a RN Sea King helicopter attended. The casualty, suffering an injured shoulder was airlifted to hospital. First Responders checked the rest of the walker's party were uninjured and then returned to base at the fire station.

    14 & 15 August 2010
    Sixteen personnel and three search dogs from TSART along with 3 personnel and one dog from Caithness and Sutherland Search Team attended at Arrochar at the request of Lothian and Borders Police to assist in the large scale searches for Suzanne Pilley.

    29 August 2010
    Team members (First Responders) were en route to team training in Aberfoyle when they came upon a serious road accident in Stirling whereby a car was covered with hay bales and three people were injured. The crew set about dealing with the casualties and assisted the ambulance service personnel upon their arrival to extricate them.

    11 September 2010

     About 3pm the duty First Responder crew were alerted by ambulance control to an incident in Callander. Further details cannot be provided other than to say the crew treated the patient until the arrival of the Ambulance personnel.


    4 October 2010
    About 9.15pm, the duty First Responder crew was dispatched to an incident at Rowardennan. They were stood down en route as anemergency ambulance met them en route and took over.

    10 October 2010

    The team dealt with a male who had sustained an ankle injury on the West Highland Way at Mugdock Country Park whilst assisting with the marshalling for the SAAB Salomon Turbo X-Trail event.They also provided assistance to six competitors who had sustained minor injuries.


    17 October 2010
    Both duty First Responder crews attended the scene of a road accident whereby a car had left the Duke's Pass onto an embankment. Thankfully none of the four occupants sustained any injuries.

    24 October 2010

    The team provided first aid cover for a round of Scottish Cyclocross at Mugdock Country park and were able to assist a small number of competitors with minor injuries.

    Late in the afternoon we assisted a competitor who had sustained what appeared to be a serious thigh injury, then support the Scottish Ambulance Service crew who had  been dispatched to attend. Thankfully we understand the injury proved to be less serious than it appeared to be and we hope the competitor makes a full recovery.